Why us

Providing Complete Service For Your Business

In Factory Pro we fully understand the importance and difficulty of building visions into a reality without having the luxury of time. With many Startup and SME business owners having only a limited time to worry about the construction of their factories, our construction company in Thailand will help our clients to realize their visions and solve their problems in the most effective way. With our expertise ranging from construction design to construction services, Startup and SME business owners can fully depend on us regarding the construction of a new, or expansion, factory due to our high construction services standards. With a guaranteed high quality factory ready to be used at the end of the construction project, clients can come to Factory Pro with their concerns and visions as to how they want their company to be like. 

Professionalize, Experience and Expertise

For many manufacturing companies finding the right design and construction engineering firm suitable for them is not an easy task, as many companies are unable to deliver the right solution that can fit their needs. This is because many construction companies do not understand the client's problems and visions for their business. However in Factory Pro we believe that consulting with our clients and making sure we understand their problems is utmost importance before we start designing any construction designs. With our construction company in Thailand consisting of highly experienced team members in this field, this enables us to directly address concerns in the most effective way possible. With high standards being kept for all the steps during the project duration, from the consultation up to the construction, Factory Pro delivers all its solutions professionally through its high quality construction services.

Alliance Support

As a startup and SME company, financing a construction project can become a problem even though it may be required in order to increase the productivity and expand the size of one’s manufacturing production. However, with the right partners, financing construction projects are no longer a major obstacle in developing one’s company and reaching one’s visions. Along with our Factory Pro team, which realizes visions in the construction aspect, we have the support from major banks in Thailand, such as Kasikorn Bank, to help ease the process of realizing our clients’ visions in regards to our construction services. With their understanding in the importance of such projects for Thai SME business owners, construction projects undertaken by our construction company in Thailand are set to run more smoothly with their alliance support.

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