Visualising your Vision

After understanding the business, construction design plans are then created. With the Factory Pro in-house design team, the Factory Pro team will deliver high quality designs as solution for any problems. Disregarding whether it is a construction of a new, or an expansion, of a factory in Thailand, clients are guaranteed to receive high quality designs as solutions that best fit their problems and visions from Factory Pro.

In this process, there are three steps that takes place under design.

1) Create Construction Design Options

First, we create factory construction design options that clients can choose from. This allows the chance to see the possible design layouts and decide which option is most preferable, after taking note of the budget and schedule of the construction project. With our company being a construction company in Thailand, we understand best what type of factories will best fit each Startup and SME company in Thailand. This allows us to deliver high quality design options as solution for their problems and visions.

2) Draft Design (3D, Layout)

After choosing the option that is most suitable, Factory Pro will create draft designs, both in 3 dimension and layout format. This enables our clients to better visualize the construction design of the factory, the type of machineries that will be used in different parts of the factory and to see how the factory will work overall.

3) Develop Detail Design

With the completion of the draft design in both layout and 3D format, we will then develop the detail design. From these three steps this allows manufacturing companies to better visualize the overall process and outcome of the construction project. This step will be headed by a design manager from Factory Pro, where there will be a team in charge to design the overall layout of the company.