Communicating with Authorities

With the design being completed at this point, we enter the coordination stage where Factory Pro will coordinate the construction services for the project with the required government department. Being a construction company in Thailand, we understand that the legal aspects for seeking permission for construction in Thailand is not simple and may take several processes in order to be granted permission. Furthermore, as a company that is very experienced in the construction services industry, we have experience in coordinating with the Thai government to ask for construction permission. Therefore, in order to smoothen and simplify the process so that construction can be done according to the set schedule, we have a team under coordination to handle this process. Led by our project coordinator from Factory Pro, our team will request on behalf of our company and client for an approval on the construction of a new factory or factory expansion.

For this to run smoothly, there are two steps that take place under coordination.

1) Request Approval for Construction Services

First, our Factory Pro team will ask for approval regarding the construction that will take place. This will be done by having our Factory Pro team submit the required documents to the appropriate government department to request for construction approval.

2) Coordinate with required government department

After approving the request for construction projects for our clients from manufacturing companies, our Factory Pro team will coordinate with the required government department. This is to ensure that the project follows all the rules set by the government so that construction can run smoothly and go according to the set schedule plan. On top of coordinating with the required government department, we will also coordinate with our clients in order to ensure that the project goes according to our clients’ preference and deliver the solution sought after.