1) Understanding our clients

Before doing the construction design plan for each company, Factory Pro will first listen to clients. This include understanding the problems they are currently facing when manufacturing products and the things that they wish to have after having their company undergo construction. By doing this, this enables Factory Pro to understand the current condition and requirements of each manufacturing companies, allowing Factory Pro to have construction design ideas on possible solutions and improvements for the manufacturing quality of each manufacturing companies.

2) Complete Questionnaire

After listening, clients would have to fill in a questionnaire in order for Factory Pro to better understand the manufacturing companies regarding their business, problem and situation. By listening to clients and reading the filled questionnaires, this enables a better understanding regarding the concept of what result the Startup or SME company in Thailand wishes to achieve. This would aid Factory Pro in forming several ideas on possible solutions for the problem, such as the type and amount of machines that should be used, the amount of workers needed, and the layout of the factory.

3) Feasibility of Project (Estimate Cost and Schedule)

On top of listening to our clients and understanding them through the questionnaire, Factory Pro will estimate the overall cost of undergoing construction. This includes the approximate budget of the project and the timeline of the construction schedule from beginning to end. Doing this allows manufacturing companies who wishes to undergo factory construction to decide whether or not the estimated budget and schedule is feasible for them.

4) Summary

At the end of the consulting session we will summarize the overall picture of the project. This includes possible solutions for problems Startup or SME clients in Thailand are currently facing and the approximate budget and timeline that is required in order to undergo the project from beginning to end. Although consultation takes place in the beginning before the construction design and construction services process, in Factory Pro, consulting will continue throughout the project duration in order to make sure the outcome that is produced is the right solution for the business owner’s problems.