1) Building your Visions

With all the three process completed, starting from the construction design plans to the request for approval, what is left for Factory Pro is the construction of the new or existing upgrade factory. There are four steps that takes place under construction.
Site Preparations
In order to make sure that the construction project runs smoothly and according to schedule, conducting site preparations is needed. This would include preparing the required things needed in a construction site such as a site office and store room.

2) Construction & QC

With all the required things ready on site after site preparations, the construction of the project will begin. During the construction project, our Factory Pro team will regularly conduct quality control checks to ensure that all process are being done according to our high standards. This will be regularly controlled by our Project Engineer and Project Manager from our construction company in Thailand to ensure that our construction services is following the high construction standards from Factory Pro and Thailand.

3) Progress report and Customer Visit

During the construction period, clients will be given progress reports regarding the construction from our Factory Pro project construction team. On-site customer visits will also occur during the process of the construction project. From the progress reports and on-site visit, this allows our clients from manufacturing companies to be updated on the progress of the construction.

4) Client Acceptance, Training, and Warranty

At the end of this stage there will be client acceptance, training and warranty. For training, our Factory Pro team will take charge in teaching the workers in the factory on how to operate the machines. This includes training on how to use the new machines that is implemented in the newly constructed, or upgraded, factory. With training and warranty being given, this allows our manufacturing companies clients based in Thailand to use the factory at its optimal capability, increasing the productivity in manufacturing products.