What we do

What we do


Before doing the construction design plan for each company, Factory Pro will first listen to clients. This include understanding the problems they are currently facing when manufacturing products and the things that they wish to have after having their company undergo construction. Under the consult process there are four steps to this.

  1. Listening to Our Clients
  2. Complete Questionnaire
  3. Feasibility of Project (Estimate Cost and Schedule)
  4. Summary


After understanding the business, construction design plans are then created. With the Factory Pro in-house design team, the Factory Pro team will deliver high quality designs as solution for any problems. In this process, there are three steps that takes place under design.

  1. Listening to Our Clients
  2. Draft Design (3D, Layout)
  3. Develop Detail Design

From these three steps this allows manufacturing companies to better visualize the overall process and outcome of the construction project.


With the design being completed at this point, we enter the coordination stage where Factory Pro will coordinate the construction services for the project with the required government department. On top of coordinating with the required government department, we will also coordinate with our clients in order to ensure that the project goes according to our clients’ preference and deliver the solution sought after.

  1. Request Approval for Construction Services
  2. Coordinate with required government department


With all the three process completed, starting from the construction design plans to the request for approval, what is left for Factory Pro is the construction of the new or existing upgrade factory. There are four steps that takes place under construction. During the construction project, our Factory Pro team will regularly conduct quality control checks to ensure that all process are being done according to our high standards.

  1. Site Preparations
  2. Construction & QC
  3. Progress report and Customer Visit
  4. Client Acceptance, Training, and Warranty