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Start Up

With many things to be done yet less time to be spared, Factory Pro helps Startups achieve their vision faster and allow Startup clients to focus on building their visions. This is done by delivering our clients’ ideas through our construction design and construction services. As our construction company in Thailand upholds high construction standards in the Thai construction industry, our Factory Pro team allow visions to become a reality much sooner as clients can concentrate better on their newly formed business.


With a steady flow of income and business coming in, SME companies have a tendency to have a plan regarding the next steps they will take. However, companies that do not have the right partner may not be able to reach their visions and goals. Factory Pro construction company in Thailand are very experienced in working alongside clients from SME companies in realizing their visions with a feasible amount of budget. Being experts in this field, our Factory Pro team will work alongside SMEs to deliver a high standard solution for our clients’ plans and problems and obtain higher manufacturing productivity.

Scale up / Business Expansion

Being in the industry for several years, Startups and SME companies may face the need to expand their business in order to accommodate a bigger production size with a feasible budget. With our clients’ visions being of utmost importance for us, our experienced team members in Factory Pro will listen to their concerns and visions to conceptualize the best possible solution for their needs. As a construction company in Thailand, our Factory Pro team will create construction design and deliver construction services that can equip Startups and SME companies best in the Thai manufacturing industry. This is achieved by maintaining its high standards while still incorporating the existing requirements of their company and keeping the expansion plans for their company within the budget.