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About Us

In Factory Pro, we realize our clients’ visions by consulting with our clients and understanding them better in order to provide the right solution through designing and constructing the right factory design. We do this as we believe that no matter the size of one’s vision, no vision is mundane or worthless to be explored further. With every vision having the potential to achieve greater success, all visions are worth to be realized and developed correctly.

In order to achieve the vision and solve their problems, in this engineering firm, we have four departments that work together in order to handle the process from designing to constructing a factory.

The four departments are:

  • Consult
  • Design
  • Coordination
  • Construction

This allows it to become an well rounded engineering firm that are able to deliver solutions to towards the problem by constructing factories, ranging from construction design to constructing manufacturing companies. By doing these four processes Factory Pro aims to address problems and achieve visions by improving the standard quality of our clients’ Startup or SME company in the manufacturing industry in Thailand. Aiding companies to achieve maximum productivity will allow them to focus on their main business without needing to worry regarding the construction process. To ensure this, these four departments work together in order to provide consumers with the best solution for their problems.

Additionally, our construction company in Thailand have formed the right team in order to deliver the desired solution for the problems. The main team of Factory Pro consists of six people, with at least one person being the head of each department and the project manager being in charge of all four departments. With Factory Pro being a construction company in Thailand and all of them being fully experienced in this field, for all projects based in Thailand, this team can bring visions to its maximum potential in order to create the best solution for our clients’ problems.


With experiences in being a client and being a member of an engineering firm team, which were in charge of constructing factories that are worth billions of Baht, the CEO understands the position and needs that all clients have while also having knowledge on how to deliver the best possible solution for their problems. With previous experiences in designing and constructing factories for hundreds of projects, and the CEO of Factory Pro overseeing the whole project, Startup and SME business owners can expect their business to be of higher quality due the completion of the project with Factory Pro.

Our Team

  • Somkid


    Project Manager
    • Weekit


      Design Manager
      • Pairat


        Draft Manager
    • Jenjob


      Project Engineer
    • Peerapan


      QC Engineer
    • Sopita


      Project Coordinator