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Factory Pro - Realising Visions

Factory Pro exists only for one purpose and one idea; to realize visions. We believe in ideas and that one product can truly change the world. We are here to help our clients realise their visions of their own factory.

Factory Pro is a design and construction engineering firm that designs and upgrades high quality manufacturing factories for Startups and SMEs in Thailand. With Factory Pro handling all the process from the construction design to construction companies, no longer do clients need to concern themselves regarding the construction process.

Factory Pro achieves this by integrating four processes, which are consulting, design, coordination, and construction, therefore taking care of the process of construction companies from beginning to end in order to deliver solutions by constructing high quality factories according to the set schedule. As a solution provider that covers all aspects of design and construction while maintaining a high standard in their projects, this construction and engineering firm makes sure to listen and address clients’ problems through the construction design and construction services.

With fully experienced team members, our construction and engineering firm will provide the best solution possible for our clients problems according to their budget and requirements. This will be achieved through consulting and understanding the needs of each company, in order to be able to deliver the right design and construction solution. By making sure the construction design has all the required machineries and is of high quality standards, this optimizes the production process and manufacturing procedure of the factory to be more efficient. With Factory Pro being in charge of the overall process of construction companies, from the design to the construction aspect, this increases the convenience of building or upgrading existing factories, as this allows each company to only focus on their business. As a result, with a better factory, this increases the productivity of our clients’ Startup or SME company in Thailand thus allowing business to run more smoothly and efficiently than before.

Our Testimonials

FactoryPro was a flexible and competent partner, recommend for sophisticated projects set with a specific budget.

Panuwat Minchainant, Chainant Industry Co.,Ltd.